FAA announces no-fly zones over conventions

FAA announces no-fly zones over conventions
Posted at 9:02 PM, Jul 12, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration says the skies over the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia will be no-fly zones.

The agency has posted public notices to pilots on its website that they are to stay out of a 34-mile circle around each of the conventions. Exceptions include law enforcement, military aircraft supporting the conventions, approved air ambulances, scheduled commercial airline flights to local airports and cargo flights operating under Transportation Safety Administration security procedures.

Nearly all other flights are banned, including drone flights, training flights, utility surveying, model rocketry, aerobatic flights, and gilder, seaplane, ultralight, parachute, hang glider, balloon and banner-towing operations.

The bans will be in effect from July 17 to July 22 in Cleveland, and July 25 to July 29 in Philadelphia.