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EWG: 75% of sunscreens offer inferior protection or have worrisome ingredients

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Posted at 7:11 AM, May 09, 2022

In Florida, we know the importance of wearing sunscreen. But new tests show many lotions or sprays may not do an adequate job of protecting our skin.

According to the Environmental Working Group, which tested more than 1,800 sunscreen products, only 25% offer the protection we need while using safe ingredients.

Scientists say sunscreens with really high SPF numbers on the label are especially concerning.

EWG is also concerned about spray sunscreens because inhaling their mists could be harmful. Australia recommends people avoid them altogether.

Tests in the U.S. found some were contaminated with benzene, a known carcinogen, leading to recalls.

EWG said the best sunscreens contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or both and have fewer health concerns.