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Elementary school in Wisconsin creates 2,300 cereal box domino chain for charity

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Posted at 8:18 PM, May 17, 2021

RACINE, Wisc. — The hallways echoed with cheers, laughter, and overall excitement at Red Apple Elementary in Racine as one cereal box after another went down.

On Monday, students set up a roughly 2,300 cereal box domino chain. Once the first cereal box tipped over, there was no containing the excitement of the students. It capped off with a big finale in the school gymnasium. Boxes were arranged in two large triangles. That was everyone's favorite part.

"When it was starting coming down, everyone was like 'oh oh oh!' You just heard it intensify the more it came," Raji Spencer, a fourth-grader, said.

"When the whole triangle fell down, because it was pretty good," Ellie Dahlke, a fourth-grader, said.

"Probably the ending. The pyramid just over there, and probably the ending here in the gym," Henry Desonai, a fourth-grader said.

It was all part of a month-long, school-wide food drive. Students collected cereal boxes that would then be donated to various charities in Racine, like Cops N' Kids, the Racine Food Pantry, and a few churches.

"Cause in school we're able to give them their meals here, but in summer, not always," Trish Howard, a school counselor and one of the organizers of the event, said.

These elementary schoolers put in a lot of effort just to watch their hard work all come falling down. But in this case, it was totally worth it.

Cereal Domino Chain

James Groh at TMJ4 first reported this story.