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Doordash offers new incentives to offset elevated gas prices

Posted at 1:01 PM, Mar 16, 2022

Doordash is joining Uber in trying to offset the increased price of gas for its drivers.

The company announced it is launching a gas rewards program.

"Through DasherDirect, a prepaid business Visa debit card designed for Dashers, Dashers will soon be able to get 10% cash back on gas purchases – at any U.S. station – every time they use their card, even when they aren’t dashing," the company said in a statement.

The company will also be dishing out bonuses for drivers who travel more than 100 miles a week for deliveries.

Doordash says the incentive programs will be in place through at least April.

Last week, Uber announced it would temporarily charge an additional $0.55 on each trip. Uber Eats drivers will receive up to $0.45 for each delivery.

The surcharge will stay in effect for 60 days, and then the company will reassess the situation.