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Hunter gives his perspective on the Second Amendment

Posted at 1:25 PM, Oct 01, 2018

Some of the strongest Second Amendment advocates are in the hunting community.

Mark Martineau is a hunter from Utah, and it’s one of his favorite hobbies.

“Africa big eland, that’s a hunt that everyone should experience right there,” says Martineau.

When it comes to the debate on the Second Amendment, Martineau believes it’s set in stone.

“If there's a law, you keep the law,” says Martineau. “If there's a rule, you keep the rule. There's no bending or breaking them; that's the way it is.”

Martineau doesn't deny that violence involving guns in America is a problem. He does, however, believe that one solution is to arm more responsible people.

“Who is saving the crowds when it does happen? Concealed weapons permit holders,” Martineau argues.

When it comes to gun control, Martineau agrees with one aspect, but he still has his reservations.

“A mentally ill person should not own a firearm, but I guess it all comes down to who is the person that is deeming them mentally ill,” says Martineau.

Martineau believes it all comes down to firearm education.

“It's learning, loving and respecting the firearm,” Martineau says. “You got to teach your kids young, to respect them.”