Activists arrested after climbing flagpoles at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to display anti-Trump banner

Posted at 7:43 AM, Jul 19, 2016

Activists climbed two 60-foot flagpoles at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to attach a 625-square-foot banner, demanding the Republican National Convention not "Trump" communities.

As of this morning, the banner was taken down by the Cleveland Fire Department.

Cleveland police went to try to reason with the activists, while Cleveland Fire did not want to risk damaging their buckets, leaving the police to wait for the activists to come down. 

The team of activists said they are involved in the fight against fracking and the immigration justice movement wants to show the connection between the fights. 

“As the Presidential campaigns swing into full step with this week’s RNC and next week’s DNC, communities directly impacted by oil and gas extraction have come together with immigrant communities being torn apart by deportations to take a stand against an unjust system that targets us all,” said Emmelia Talarico, an action participant from Maryland who works to address labor and immigration injustice. 

“Through the power of direct action, our movements can and will stop the hateful rhetoric of Donald Trump, and continue to push Hillary Clinton to ban fracking and stop the deportations,” stated Shane Davis, an action participant.

After descending from the flagpoles, reporters saw the activists being arrested.