Trump camp searching for Mike Pence's missing speech notes from Clearwater rally

Posted at 5:57 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 10:53:45-04

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence's rally at St. Pete Clearwater International Airport on Monday night took a turn for the strange when the power went out.

On Tuesday ABC Action News confirmed, campaign staffers are calling news stations to get video or eyewitness information on whether we saw who took Pence's speech notes.

The rally on Monday on many levels, did not go as planned for the Pence rally.

Pence was 40 minutes late and less than ten minutes after he took the stage there was a power surge. The lights and speaker system went out forcing Pence to grab a flashlight to light his face and a bullhorn to talk to the crowd. A short time later the speaker system began working again but the lights were still out.

After the rally ABC Action News photographer Miguel Acosta was taken back by Pence staffers to get video of Pence handing out candy to children who attended the rally.

At the time Pence was handing out candy, it is believed that the notes were taken. Whether by accident or intentionally isn't known. 

The Trump campaign reached out to ABC Action News to talk to Acosta but we have not heard back.

ABC Action News reporter Michael Paluska was asked by a frantic staff member, just before Pence's plane took off, whether or not he saw anyone on the podium grab Pence's notes. The staffer then went to other members of the media asking the same question.

At the time, there was a lot of confusion due to the power going out and staffers trying to get Pence back on the plane to leave. After asking reporters if we knew where Pence's notes were he sprinted back to the secure area and that was the last we heard about it.

We have reached out to the Trump campaign after they called asking for video or information about the notes, but as of now we have not heard back.