Dash cam video captures a stranger smashing a woman's windshield for no reason

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jun 06, 2017

A Georgia woman was shocked when a man she didn't know attacked her car and smashed her windshield, seemingly for no reason.

"All of a sudden next thing I know jumping and kicking in the windshield," she said.

The victim who prefers to only be identified as Kristen, said she was pulling out of a shopping plaza when she was randomly attacked by the man.

Kristen's dash cam caught the him jumping on the hood of her car before stomping on her windshield. 

"I have no clue why this happened and why me," she said.

Kristen said she had just pumped gas and was headed home.

As she was pulling out, police say the man just ran towards her car.

"Honestly I thought he was going to kick in the windshield and start kicking me."

The audio on the dash cam was off  but the victim says she was screaming for help.

"Terror you know? Just looking into someone's face who clearly doesn't care about anything or anyone and seeing him that close to you, kicking at you."

Soon after calling the police and filing a report, she and her husband decided to post the video online in an effort to get the man off the streets.

It appears he also may have had some type of sharp object in his hand.