Construction worker treats Indiana second graders to ice cream as they celebrate reading success

Posted at 8:54 AM, May 17, 2018

GREENWOOD, Ind. -- There's nothing like a cold ice cream cone on a hot day. On Wednesday, a large group of second grade students from Greenwood Schools got to take a field trip over to a local ice cream shop after reaching their reading goals.

The students who earned 50 Accelerated Reading (AR) points got the sweet treat from Mrs. Curl's Ice Cream Shop. Fifty points is the equivalent of reading 100 books -- quite the accomplishment for these young readers. 

"This year we had more kids than ever before," said teacher Amber Ploutz in a Facebook post. "So you can imagine it was quite a sight, all of us walking down."

As the group of students crossed the city streets, they walked past a group of construction workers. 

Ploutz said one of the workers out front heard that the students were being treated to ice cream for reaching their reading goals. Instead of just congratulating the students, he took it a step forward and really made their day.

"He paid for all 54 kids' ice cream cones," said Ploutz. "He didn't want any recognition and said he did it because he was proud of all the hard work they put into school and told them to keep up the great reading."

In return, Mrs. Curl's Ice Cream Shop paid that man's good deed forward. The shop gave out free drinks and ice cream to all members of the road crew and also to the police officers helping direct traffic in the area.

The worker didn't want any recognition for his random act of kindness, and only gave students his nickname, to remain anonymous. He said people call him, Bub.

"So thank you, Bub," said Ploutz. "Today was a day these kiddos and I will never forget."