Central Florida HOA asks resident to remove pro-police sign

FL HOA asks resident to remove pro-police sign
Posted at 6:50 AM, Oct 30, 2017

(WKMG/CNN) - A homeowners association in Central Florida wants residents to remove pro-police signs from their lawns.

The association says the signs are against its policy, but some residents are not budging for now.

"The homeowners association says the residents are breaking the rules at the Grove subdivision in St. Cloud, Fla., just by putting a sign on their lawns, no matter what it says. It's not allowed.

"Why would this make a difference, just a sign that says back the blue?" said resident Janet Van Kirk.


Kirk says she has had the sign out on her lawn for months now -- alongside a handful of neighbors with the same display of support.

She said it wasn't until this week when the association sent a notice saying the sign is "unauthorized."

"All I'm trying to do is back the law enforcement officers … that serve and protect our community," said Van Kirk.

She said she first put out the sign when two Kissimmee police officers were fatally shot in August.

Some of her family serves in law enforcement and it hits close to home.

"It's not like its controversial, it's not like it's a hate group. Why does this make a difference on my property values?" said Van Kirk.

In the notice sent to residents, it states:

"The primary purpose of a community association is to maintain and increase the value of each owner's property. It is not the desire of the board of directors to impose hardship."

Some neighbors agree with the association.

"You just have to obey the rules and that's it. I think the signs should not be there and come down," said one neighbor, who did not want to be identified.

"If we can't make some compromise with the home association, going to the meeting and coming up with something, then I'll remove it at that point, but I'll leave it up till then," said Van Kirk.

WKMG-TV reached out to the homeowners association about its next step and if residents will be fined but had not received comment.