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Career experts encourage people out of work to focus on transferable skills

Posted at 3:28 PM, May 20, 2020

As America continues to rebound, we're seeing a shift in the types of jobs hiring and also how companies are handling the process.

Jobs website Monster is reporting an increase in searches with the words “graphic designer” and “UI developer.” UI stands for user interface. That's someone who makes software easier to use. There's also an uptick in business operations positions.

“So, that’s really promising in terms of business solutions, financial managers, software developers and networks,” said Vicki Salemi, Monster career expert.

Front line health care workers, along with delivery and truck drivers are also in demand.

Monster's career expert says furloughed and laid off workers should think outside of the box.

“It may not necessarily be their current or most recent position,” said Salemi. “They are using their transferable skill set to land other similar roles which is what we recommend.”

Monster has created specific resources for job seekers on its website.

There's a new nursing jobs site for new grads and in demand positions, including how to get hired in health care without specific certifications.

They also partnered with CVS to post 10,000 essential job listings. There are positions available in long-term senior care.

They're also offering free job listings for all front-line industries through the end of the month.

“I wouldn't sit this one out. I would keep your eye on the prize, stay focused, stay determined, interview, apply to jobs as soon as you see them online,” Salemi. “You can set up job alerts on Monster for free. They'll land in your inbox. I’m a former corporate recruiter and I can say you should apply same day and just really treat this seriously so you can ace that job interview at home.”

Thursday afternoon on Monster's Instagram live page, it's hosting a live Q&A for 2020 graduates.