California woman unexpectedly gives birth

Posted at 8:43 PM, Oct 26, 2017

When a 45-year-old California woman started experiencing sharp abdominal pains, she just thought it was kidney stones. But according to KTLA-TV, Beth Clay had no idea that was she pregnant and going into labor. 

Clay gave birth to Liam Ryder Clay on October 16. 

Clay and her husband already have two adult children, and were completely unprepared for having a baby, KTLA reported. 

Despite being pregnant, Clay lived a healthy lifestyle during the pregnancy and managed to lose 15 pounds. She reportedly went for a bike ride just days before going into labor. 

But it is perplexing how Clay went nine months without knowing she was pregnant. 

“The doctor feels sure that he was behind everything, behind my kidneys behind my liver," she told KTLA. "I was in tiptop shape, and then the next three days, here’s this little rascal."

After Clay spent several days in intensive care, both mother and child are reportedly healthy.