‘Bionic bra' hangs tight during movement

Posted at 6:36 PM, Dec 11, 2014

One day, going for a jog might be a little easier.

A team of Australian scientists has developed a "Bionic Bra" prototype, which uses advanced materials and sensors that tighten to support the breast like an artificial muscle.

The "smart yarn" is an improvement over current sports bras, which might have to be sized too tight to provide adequate support during activity.

“Unfortunately, the most supportive sports bras tend to be the most uncomfortable to wear,” said Julie Steele, director of Breast Research Australia (or BRA) and a professor at University of Wollongong, in a press release.

Steele said 85 percent of women wear bras that are don't fit or provide proper support. That can cause long-term injuries for women.

The Bionic Bra was first conceived more than 15 years ago. However, the researchers said that it could not be realized until sensing and materials technology caught up.

Now that the BRA team has a firm grip on the technology, the next challenge is to figure out how to make a smart bra survive a trip through the washing machine.

The Bionic Bra prototype was presented at the 9th Annual Australasian Biomechanics Conference.

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