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Bill that would have required Congressional approval before striking Iran fails

Posted at 11:47 AM, Jun 28, 2019

Senate Republicans tallied enough votes Friday morning to block a largely Democratic-backed amendment that would require President Donald Trump to get congressional approval before striking Iran militarily.

During an unusual Friday vote that commenced at 5 a.m. to meet various scheduling demands of the senators, Republicans hit the 41-vote mark, which means the Iran measure can't get the 60 votes it would need to advance.

Sen. Joni Ernst, a Republican from Iowa, cast the 41st vote.

The vote may not be finalized for several hours because it is being held open for senators, including those Democrats who participated in the Democratic presidential debate Thursday night in Miami, to come to the chamber to vote.

Democrats knew they couldn't win on this amendment but pressed to have the vote to get senators on the record about the issue.

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