Angry travelers fight as flight delays continue at JFK

Angry travelers fight as flight delays continue at JFK
Posted at 1:20 PM, Jan 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-07 13:20:07-05

Frustration continues to erupt at JFK Airport in New York as the airport struggles to catch up from a massive snow storm that struck the Northeast on Thursday. 

As of Sunday, a number of flights continued to be delayed or canceled at the airport. The FAA said Sunday afternoon that the average flight delay was more than 81 minutes at JFK Airport. 

Adding insult to injury, a fight broke out at one of the gates late Saturday night, prompting a police investigation. 

"We are sharing a gate with another airline, and they have just cancelled there (sic) flight, causing the disturbance and the police being called," Virgin Airlines said in a tweet. "Our flight is operating and our teams are now moving our customers through the gate so they can board our aircraft.

"I do know the NYPD were called to deal with the Excell Airways customers who had caused the disturbance. I know our customers are being put on buses to go to the aircraft, as we are parked away from the terminal."

One passenger described Saturday's incident as a "near riot" to the New York Daily News

“It seems as if some punches were thrown as people jostled,” Jeremy Silver told the Daily News. “The crowd went nuts booing and shouting.”

JFK Airport is the busiest airport in the Northeast, and the fifth-busiest in the United States.