20-foot tall Presidential busts decay on VA farm

Posted at 11:27 AM, Feb 18, 2016

On a private farm just outside of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia sits a field of decaying presidential busts. There are 43 of them, and the towering figures stand 20-feet tall.

The busts are located on the property of Howard Hankins, who helped build the now-shuttered Presidential Park and Museum, which was supposed to house the busts. Hankins was tasked with destroying the heads when the museum closed in 2010. Instead, he had each bust transported to his nearby farm.

Hankins is raising money to restore the crumbling sculptures to their former glory.

Stone busts of former U.S. Presidents sit in a field near Williamsburg, Virginia.

The 20-foot-tall heads were saved from a nearby presidential museum when it closed in 2010.


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