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A $150 donation to a children's hospital turned into $200,000 after a social media post went viral

Posted at 4:08 PM, Nov 22, 2019

CINCINNATI — Two Ohio families started a lemonade stand and raised less than $150 for medical research. But after a post online went viral, people the families never met helped them raise more than $200,000.

Starting on Labor Day weekend, the Weidner and Zerbe families opened a lemonade stand, calling it their "Turning Lemons Into LemonAID" stand.

At first, the families raised $148 to donate to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital to help research organoids, tiny 3D cell formations which act as, and perform the functions of, human tissue. This cause was chosen because Hillary Weidner donated part of her liver to her daughter Bea in 2015, saving her life.

After that weekend, Weidner asked family and friends online to match their donation. In a few days, her post went viral, and people from all over the country donated about $204,000.

The families presented their donations to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital on Friday morning.

This story was originally published by Timyka Artist on WCPO.