5 must-have Memorial Day grilling tools

Posted at 4:23 PM, May 13, 2016

Memorial Day weekend usually means the first cookouts of the year. 

Are you equipped to be a holiday barbecue master? Check out some of the latest innovations that can help any cook feel and look like a professional.

Grill masters are only as good as their tools. Invest in a quality set of grilling tools, preferably one with a case to keep them all together so you can find whatever you need quickly. A stainless steel set also will last longer, work better and clean up easier after the festivities finish for the day.

The Grill Daddy Pro Steam BBQ grill brush cleaner makes the tedious chore of prepping a grill so much simpler. The steam brush easily removes any baked on food, as well as sanitizing the grill. All you need to do is preheat the grill before using the brush for a chemical-free clean up.

Have barbecue chicken lovers coming over for the holiday cookout? Now you can prepare a dozen drumsticks at the same in a custom-designed rack. The King Cooker Leg and Wing Grill Rack minimizes the cooking space needed on the grill, and helps the meat cook more evenly.

Ever hear of a Himalayan Salt Block? It is literally a block of hand carved Himalayan salt used to naturally add seasoning to food, especially when used on a grill. The food is cooked directly on the block, which sits on a pre-heated grill. Salt block fans say it not only provides a delicious flavor to whatever cooks on it, but also keeps its moisture. This block has a Food and Drug Administration stamp of approval and it naturally resists the growth of bacteria, which helps keep your food safe to eat. 

Nothing ruins a barbecue quicker than burnt food. Items such as fish and vegetable are delicious when prepared on the grill, but can burn easily if too close to a flame. A stainless steel grilling basket solves the temperature problem by elevating these more delicate foods away from the flame, but still allowing it to fully cook. This Weber grilling basket is adjustable to fit a variety of foods and grills, and is dishwasher safe.