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3 things to know about Ebola

Posted at 10:42 AM, Oct 21, 2014

Swine flu, severe acute respiratory syndrome and bird flu are all diseases that generated big headlines. 

But none of those diseases came close to dominating the news cycle like Ebola, which has infected seven people in the United States.

Five of those cases involved people who caught the disease in West Africa where the disease has become an epidemic. 

Three of those infected have been released from Atlanta's Emory University Hospital after being declared free of the virus. Some of those quarantined after having contact with Thomas Eric Duncan — the only person in the United States to die of the disease to date — have been cleared

Nigeria, one of the West African nations impacted by Ebola also has been declared free of the disease by the World Health Organization. 

While others are still being checked out, here are three things to know about Ebola in the United States.