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North Carolina county votes to remove Coca-Cola machines from county buildings

Coca-Cola Machine
Posted at 2:19 PM, Jun 04, 2021

Commissioners of a North Carolina county have voted to remove Coca-Cola machines from their office buildings in response to the company's criticism of Georgia's new voting law.

According to WXII-TV, commissioners of Surry County — a county located on the state's northern border — voted 3-2 to remove Coca-Cola machines from the buildings.

Coca-Cola has faced criticism among conservatives in recent months after the CEO James Quincey denounced a law that rolled back absentee voting, early voting hours and limited ballot drop boxes in the company's home state of Georgia.

Surry County Commissioner Eddie Harris, who supported the measure, said the commissioners were hoping to take a stand against "cancel culture" — the act of boycotting a company or person due to political leanings or past behavior.

"Yes, we are trying to cancel Coca-Cola to use their tactics against them," Harris told WRAL-TV.

Harris told WRAL that he accepts that President Joe Biden's win in the 2020 election was legitimate but said "millions of Americans" believe the last election was "not fair" and that more laws like Georgia's will make future elections more secure.

Trump administration cybersecurity officials said late last year that the 2020 election was the "most secure election in American history."

Harris also told WXII that the response to the boycott has been "mostly positive."

WXII also reported that the Coca-Cola machines have not yet been removed from the buildings. Coca-Cola Consolidated — a bottling company — has reached out to the commissioners to set up a meeting.