MUST SEE | Crews work to rescue two eagles trapped in storm drain near Orlando

Posted at 6:09 PM, Nov 10, 2016

Rescue crews from Florida Fish and Wildlife worked to free two trapped eagles near Orlando.

The eagles were trapped for more than an hour in the area of Curry Ford Road near Goldenrod Road.

When crews arrived to the scene, they were able to free one of the eagles. It flew away.

The second eagle fell down into the storm drain.

Crews lowered a medical board into the drain and were able to help the eagle out.

It was quickly wrapped into a blanket and taken away.

The 5-year-old eagle had injuries on her leg and chest, and has a cracked beak.

The medical team caring for the female eagle said it will take about six weeks for the animal to recover from its injuries and be released back into the wild.