Rubio making final push through Florida

Posted at 6:11 PM, Mar 14, 2016

Senator Marco Rubio made is final campaign push Monday ahead of Super Tuesday an attempt to pull off a come from behind victory in his home state of Florida.

Rubio's effort is looking more and more like an uphill battle as recent polls show front-runner Donald Trump widening the gap.

Although Rubio is down in the polls, you would never guess by the enthusiasm in Melbourne, Florida where he stopped by That Little Restaurant and spoke to a rowdy crowd of a couple hundred.

"I could hear you from down the street on the bus!" He said to the cheering crowd when he arrived.

"Like always, it comes down to Florida. Tomorrow, this state will elect 99 delegates to one person. And I want it to be me and I need your help for it to be me," he said.

The Rubio camp is instructing supporters not to believe what you hear when it comes to the polls.

The Quinnipac poll released Monday shows Trump's lead ballooning to 24 points over Rubio, on his home turf.

One poll over the weekend even wedged Senator Ted Cruz between Trump and Rubio.

Rubio voters are feeling the heat.

"I look at the polls as much as the next guy, but hey the polls have been wrong throughout this election," said Frank Nieto, who cast his ballot early in favor of Rubio.

For Rubio, who has put so much time and energy in his home state, tomorrow is looking more like win or go home.

Monday afternoon, when pressed by reporters, the presidential hopeful showed no signs of giving up come Wednesday morning if he loses.

"We're scheduled to be in Utah, and I plan to be there Wednesday morning and we plan to win tomorrow," he said.

As for the man currently on top, Rubio once again showed hesitation to fulfill his pledge to support the republican nominee if Trump wins it.

"It's getting harder everyday, that's all I can tell you but right now we want to focus on tomorrow," he said.

After Melbourne, Rubio is heading to an event at West Palm Beach, and another event is scheduled for West Miami Monday night.

ABC Action News will be with Senator Marco Rubio Tuesday night in Miami as the results come in.