Lost dog back home after missing for 9 years

Posted at 8:58 PM, Jan 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-15 21:05:45-05

“Sir Jo Jo Mojo,” a Springer Spaniel, made a run for it in 2007. On January 12, he was reunited with his original family.

Cynthia Conner still has pictures of JoJo in a scrap book as a puppy just a few months old.

“He's always been a memory,” Conner said. “I thought someone had him and never took him to a vet. I wanted to think positive and that someone had him, and (saw) he was a great dog and just kept him.”

Conner was right. Highlands Animal Control picked JoJo up a few weeks after his initial 2007 escape. But, Conner says they weren’t able to scan his microchip to identify his owner.

“This is the second time they've had him they had him when he first got lost, he was getting ready to be euthanized,” Conner said.

A woman looking to adopt a dog saved Conner from sure death. JoJo lived with her ever since. A few months ago when the woman died of old age JoJo was about to be placed with another family. Then, you guessed it, he got away again.

“He was found wandering near Avon Elementary,” animal control officer Aubre McAnnally said. “We got a call that a dog was running through the school zone. We picked him up.”

This time around, JoJo’s microchip was scanned and Conner’s information popped up.

“I said I am coming right away,” Conner said. “It was like someone told me I had a brother or sister, just amazing.”

Conner is sad she lost out on JoJo’s youth. Now, nine years old the once puppy is an old man. He is partially deaf and blind.  He also is still a runner.

“He got out again but the kids were able to catch him,” Conner said. “We need a fence, but we can’t afford one right now.”

Despite losing her dog for all that time Conner said she is happy that the elderly woman who adopted JoJo loved her dog “Patches.”

“I know how much she loved him. And I was told how much he was loved. I don’t know if it was meant for him to be with her that long and then God said it’s over for her. But, not for JoJo so he needs to go back home.”