What you need to know to make sure your home is covered against Florida brush fires

Brush fires put homes at risk
Posted at 6:55 PM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-13 18:55:57-04

People living in Hudson were on the lookout for flare ups and hotspots Thursday after a brush fire burned close to 50 acres the night before at points reaching dangerously close to homes.

"I'm surprised that the panels in the back didn't melt or anything," said Linda Shields.

The fire destroyed a shed, friend's boat and a couple of trucks in her backyard.

Shields owns her home and opted out of getting homeowner's insurance.

Now she's reconsidering that decision.

"You don't think about it until you're in that catastrophic moment," she said.

It isn't too late for her or other homeowners whose homes are threatened by brush fires popping up around Pasco Co.

Karyn Seibert Roeling from the Seibert Insurance Agency says homeowners insurance in Florida will automatically cover damage from a brush fire.

Unlike flood insurance, any changes made to the policy immediately kick in.

Vehicles are covered through your auto insurance comprehensive coverage.

Shields says she's now considering getting insurance especially after watching the flames reach feet away from her home.

"I have a different respect being that it was right in our backyard," she said.

Fire crews say the fire in Hudson is now fully contained and most likely caused by a tossed cigarette butt.

They'll continue checking for hot spots during the night.