The most popular Girl Scout cookies by state

Thin Mints are the most popular Girl Scout cookie
Posted at 5:08 AM, Feb 08, 2017

Who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies? The popular treats are loved by people all across the United States, but what is the most popular flavor in every state? The website Influenster created a map that shows which cookie is the favorite of each state in the U.S. 

There's no surprise here, but Thin Mints and Caramel DeLites/Samoas are the top favorites according to most Americans. 

Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs came in third place and the only other flavor to make the list was Do-si-dos/Peanut butter sandwiches. 

Check out the map attached. 

Floridians love the Caramel DeLites/Samoas according to the poll.