Adoption video captures jaw-dropping reactions

Posted at 11:03 AM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-19 11:09:59-04
For four long, difficult years, this North Hollywood, California couple tried to get pregnant. Now they've finally got their bundle of joy -- an adopted baby daughter named Finley. When they received her, they captured the reactions from their closest family and friends in a surprising way.
Most people in their lives knew Lacey and her husband, Banks, were actively pursuing the adoption process, “but they didn’t know we had been matched and were talking to a particular set of parents or anything like that,” Lacey Farris told ABC News.
It wasn’t until the happy couple showed up on each doorstep with little Finley in their arms that their loved ones had any clue the new parents were now a family of three. Since Banks works in the film industry, it only seemed natural to capture the stunned reactions on camera.
The final product, a video compilation of all the dropped jaws and tender moments, has now gone viral with nearly 150,000 views.
Lacey said they decided to visit relatives and friends all over the country in just three short days. “My husband’s family lives in Alabama and Tennessee and mine is in Arizona. And we live in California," she said. "Since we were in Georgia, we figured it would be effort, but if we took her around to show up to everyone’s house, what a wonderful video for her to keep throughout life to know she was so welcomed and how genuinely excited everyone was to meet her.”
Boy were they ever -- once the couple posted the adorable video to Facebook, it spread like wildfire.
“We’re overwhelmed by the amount of support and love we’ve gotten from strangers,” said Lacey. “We posted this video to tell Facebook, our friends and family, that we adopted. It was our big reveal. Then the shares everyone did and the amount of love that was poured out was instant.”
The proud parents are thrilled to have the welcome video to share with Finley when she gets older.
“We wanted to make sure she viewed her adoption not as something that was weird or taboo, but we wanted it to be just part of who she is,” said Lacey. “We wanted her adoption to be part of her life and part of her story.”
“We adopted her at birth,” Farris added. “She became ours fully on May 2.”