LeBron James Foundation contacts family of brother who asked for help

Posted at 5:02 PM, Feb 13, 2017
UPDATE | Feb. 14--
After the story aired on ABC Action News, the family was contacted by Lebron James' foundation and told there were some gifts coming their way from the King himself!
ORIGINAL STORY | ABC Action News briefly Skyped with the Goldman family in Orlando and quickly learned they have each other's backs. 
So much so, they even put it in writing! 
"It's family. What would you not do for family?" 13-year-old Jeremy Goldman said. 
The teenager recently wrote a letter to Cleveland Cavaliers and NBA super star LeBron James, asking for a favor for his older brother, Joshua Goldman. 
Joshua has cerebral palsy. He had a stroke at birth and now has minimal use of the entire right side of his body. None of these challenges have held Joshua throughout his life and nine surgeries to date. 
"He always has to do it a different way and he makes it work no matter what. It's just his way," Jeremy said. 
Joshua learned to play sports as a child, throwing a ball with just one hand. He went to college in South Florida to study sports management. All along the way, he looked to LeBron James for inspiration. James is his favorite athlete.  
"He's King James. He's worked hard to get everything he's got and that reminds me a lot of Josh," Jeremy said. 
Jeremy is looking to James to make an appearance in Joshua's hospital room. He has another surgery, his 10th, at the Cleveland Clinic soon.
The letter Jeremy wrote that's posted to Facebook is just starting to spread.  It reads, in part, that if James could meet his brother before the surgery, it would make "...not just his day, but his life." 
"It would distract me and help me move on easier," Joshua said.