TSA officers find, confiscate 4 loaded guns at TIA checkpoints Tuesday

Posted at 3:55 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 16:33:41-04

Four loaded firearms were found at Tampa International Airport checkpoints Tuesday, officials said. 

The weapons were discovered by TSA officers during four, separate check-ins, the Transportation Security Administration officials said in a news release. 

The first weapon, a loaded Glock .45 caliber gun, was discovered in a passenger's carry-on bag at a TIA checkpoint location about 10 a.m. Tuesday. The second gun, a loaded Kel-Tec .380,  was found in another passenger's carry-on about noon. 

About 2-1/2 hours later, a loaded Glock . 380 pistol was found followed by a loaded Ruger .380 about 4:30 p.m.

In each incidents, the TSA immediately alerted airport police, which took possession of the carry-on bags and escorted the passengers who the bags belong to out of the checkpoint area. 

Firearms are allowed to be transported in checked baggage as long as each weapon is unloaded, declared to the airline, and stored properly in a carrying case. 

So far this year, 34 firearms have been discovered at TIA checkpoint locations. Last year, a total 79 were found and confiscated at Tampa International Airport. 

In addition to potential criminal charges, a passenger discovered with a firearm at an airport checkpoint face civil penalties from the TSA.