Teen tries to get life back to normal as authorities work to track-down her attacker

Posted at 6:41 PM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-20 02:21:07-04

For 35 years, Dr. Randy Feldman, has helped thousands regain their smile not just for profit, but pro-bono.

"I love children, I love being able to help them as much as I can," he said

When he saw the pictures on ABC Action News of the the 15-year-old in the hospital after an attacker broke her jaw three times, the orthodontist felt compelled to step in.  He even called her mother from his offices at Blue Wave Orthodontics.

"I am so sorry to hear what happened, that is unacceptable in our society, " said Dr. Feldman to the mom we are not identifying to protect the family's identity.

Dr. Feldman asked many questions about her recovery now going into the fourth week.

"Did they wire her mouth together? Did they get her an oral surgeon when she went into the ER?"

Dr. Feldman told us he felt compelled to step in.

"This is a defenseless child that has been brutally beaten up. It's just inappropriate, it's wrong, it's sad and it should not exist in our society today," said Dr. Feldman.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Dan Diaco reacted just as strongly.

"It's hard to believe that human beings can do that to each other," said Dr. Diaco

But the victim told us in an exclusive interview she refuses to be broken and this will not deter her from one day becoming a doctor herself.

Her own words inspired both Dr. Feldman and Dr. Diaco to step in.

"Her spirit has been galvanized. She is not going to let this ruin her dreams," said Dr. DIaco.

The doctors are committing to doing what they can to make sure she achieves that, hoping the message will resonate throughout the bay

"I think it's the community's responsibility to respond, to reply and make it better and easier," said Dr. Feldman.

And the community is responding. Many are helping detectives, even taking to the streets of South St. Petersburg.

Many are passing out flyers determined to bring the attacker to justice.

The teen's own strength is fueling a society. 

"It's really commendable when someone has been hurt so badly and can still stand up and say I'm going to succeed in life and I am going to go forward and keep my chin up and be proud and be successful. God bless her for it," said Dr. Diaco.

Anyone with information regarding this case who wishes to remain anonymous and eligible for a $3,000 reward is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-TIPS or