Temple Terrace neighborhood says they need more streetlights

Posted at 5:44 PM, Jan 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-13 18:24:51-05

People in a neighborhood in Temple Terrace say they feel unsafe as there are very few streetlights in their community.

Dianne Beeson owns a home near the intersection of Davis Road and Morris Bridge Road where she often walks her dogs at night.

However, she said there have been several near misses when drivers, unable to see due to the lack of lighting, have barely missed hitting her with their cars.

“I shouldn’t have to walk like that,” she said.

ABC Action News contacted Hillsborough County and they said a lack of streetlights is a common complaint.

They said the best way to address the problem is to file a complaint on the county’s website. It will be received in 24 hours and responded to within two weeks, county officials said.

In this case, Beeson’s complaint is being addressed, county officials said. County workers will drive the route at night to look for potential trouble spots due to the lack of lighting. They will then make a determination if more lights are needed. If more lighting is needed, the county will contact TECO and will pay to have more streetlights installed.

Beeson feels if those changes are made, her walks will make her, and everyone else in the community, much safer.