TECO worker offers reward for lost diamond wedding ring

Family now offering cash reward for its return
Posted at 10:17 AM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 06:40:03-04

A Tampa Electric Company (TECO) lineman lost his wedding ring while helping restore electricity in the community this week.

He and his wife are now offering a cash reward to whoever can find it.

Miranda Berry says her husband, Shawn, likely lost the ring while putting sunscreen on during one of his long shifts this week.

"He's been a little absent-minded due to the workload and made a silly mistake," Miranda Berry tells ABC Action News. "While putting sunscreen on he placed his ring in his hat. He put his hat back on and forgot about the ring until they got out and began working at the next location," she says.

Berry says her husband had been working nearly non-stp for 10 days straight, sometimes for 16 hours a day.

He does think the sunscreen mistake happened this past Sunday while at a break at a Wawa gas station at 11510 North 30th Street in Tampa, before heading to their next work location at the intersection of North 50th street near Flounder Drive.

Berry says they filed a report with the police, and they are offering a cash reward for the men's diamond wedding band, similar to the one pictured in this web story.

"If you have any suggestions or can help me spread the word I would be forever grateful," says Berry.

If you think you have a lead, you can contact Berry at (321) 624 8077  .