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Tampa woman arrested for recklessly driving drunk over twice the legal limit with kids in her car

Posted at 5:04 PM, Mar 03, 2019

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — A Tampa woman driving recklessly with a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit was arrested Saturday night, arrest documents show.

The documents show 31-year-old Sabrina Bowie was driving with two minors in the vehicle. One of them sent a text to their mother saying they were scared and that Bowie was passed out at the wheel, according to the documents.

The minor's mother called authorities to locate the vehicle. While they were searching, another person called to report the vehicle as driving recklessly on the Memorial Causeway, according to the documents. The caller said the vehicle was stopping in the middle of the road, speeding and going all over.

Bowie's speed was estimated to be 90mph, the documents state. The posted limit for that part of the Causeway is 45 mph.

Bowie was unsteady on her feet, had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol when she was arrested, according to the documents. She performed poorly of field sobriety tests and a breath sample showed that her blood alcohol content was .167 and .174, according to the documents.

Bowie was charged with driving under the influence and neglect of a child without great bodily harm.

The relation between Bowie and the minors is unclear.