Tampa residents complain of foul-tasting and stinky tap water

City of Tampa: "The water is safe to drink."
Posted at 11:31 AM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-13 19:01:48-04

An "unusually high" number of people are reporting a foul tasting and smelling water coming out of the tap throughout Tampa Bay, according to the City of Tampa.

Residents in community Facebook groups have been commenting on the smell and taste of the water. They live in neighborhoods ranging from Tampa Heights, to Riverside Heights to South Tampa and Seminole Heights.

"I can't even take the shower water!" said one Tampa woman. "So gross!"

"I think it smells like fertilizer," said another Tampa resident. "Undrinkable and very worrisome."

"I thought I needed to change my Brita filter," another woman said. "But this is exactly what I am tasting."

The City of Tampa says they have had an algae bloom on the reservoir, which is causing an "unusually high amount of taste and odor calls."

"We have had 22 taste complaints and 58 odor since April 1st."

A spokesperson for the City of Tampa said the city treated the reservoir earlier this week and are applying more treatment today.

Testing confirms they are reducing the algae and it should be under control in a few days, said Ashley Bauman, a city spokesperson.

The water is safe to drink, she said.

The compounds generated by the algae that cause the taste and odor are called MIB and geosmin. While they taste and smell bad, they are not harmful, Bauman said.

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