Tampa Code Enforcement cracking down on illegal 'snipe' signs

'Snipe Sign' offenders face fines of $5.55/sign
Posted at 5:45 PM, Jan 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-26 17:45:21-05

Tampa Code Enforcement is cracking down on illegal signs, often called 'snipe signs' across the city.

Companies who continue to illegally plaster the streets with the signs that advertise everything from credit repair to fast home flips will face fines and even court, said Sal Ruggiero of the Tampa Neighborhood Enhancement Division.




"We actually went out and made personal contact with them and asked them to stop," Ruggiero said.

Code Enforcement said they've had some success with the personal calls, but some companies have refused to stop.

Now, the City of Tampa is fining those companies $5.55 per sign. If they still refuse to stop, the companies could end up in court.

"They could ultimately become chronic and end up in front of a criminal judge," Ruggiero said.  "Hopefully if we bombard them hard enough with bills and tickets and you know tickets, they'll get the message."

For people who live and work in the neighborhood, seeing the signs is frustrating.

"I mean they're polluting the city," said Anthony Moran, a West Tampa resident. "What's the difference between that and throwing the garbage out your door?"

Some residents have taken to pulling the signs down themselves in West Tampa. However, code enforcement now says they've found razor blades hidden in some of the signs, so it may be a better idea to let the city remove the signs.