St. Pete little league scrambling to raise $35,000 to pay for fall baseball season

Company claims fees owed league are "frozen"
Posted at 11:20 PM, Oct 03, 2016

Northeast Little League in St. Petersburg uses Jevin Inc. to process their registration dues to streamline their fees and make it easier on parents. But, the latest registration fees paid by parents in July and processed by the company are holding $35,000 worth of fees hostage.

League President David Vann said they are supposed to get the funds in 3 days…So far, it has been more than 2 months.

“We'll be out of money in November,” Vann said. “There is no season in December and January so we will be upside down at that point.”

Vann said they have used Jevin since 2012. 

“Until now, they were really good. We pay him for a service to use his software he runs the registration fee and sends us the money.  Maybe he is giving our money to other people, we don't know. We've gotten none not a single dollar of the $35,000 that came from the fall registration fees.”

The league filed a report with the St. Petersburg Police Department. The department investigated but could not determine if a crime was committed. So at this point, the case is inactive.

The owner of Jevin, Daniel Ptak, told ABC Action News reporter Michael Paluska that his software management company were victims of a fraud after Ptak claimed someone tried to steal the registration fees collected.

“The bank froze our accounts,” Ptak said.  

Ptak would not comment on the group that he says tried to defraud his company. So, there was no way for ABC Action News to search for a police report verifying his story.

The league plans to hold more boosters, and try and figure out a way to save their season. Some parents have paid the registration fee again. Vann asking parents to dispute the charges on their credit cards to recoup the losses, but that is a lenghty process and some parents paid with E-Checks, making it even more difficult to fight.

Monday’s game was canceled because of rain, parent Cheryl Matala hopes that is the only reason her son won’t be taking the field.

“It's hard, he is only seven. So, for something like this they don't understand that piece of it. And, if I have to say ‘there's no more baseball’ he is going to be devastated because he is excited to come, he is excited to play,” Matala said.  

The league has started a GoFundMe account to help pay for the rest of their season.