Security increased at TIA after Brussels attacks

Posted at 11:27 AM, Mar 23, 2016

Security across the country and right here at home is being stepped up following the attacks Tuesday in Brussels. Airline passengers at Tampa International Airport are seeing those changes.

Not only are more uniformed police officers on guard, but also more TSA agents and K-9s. It's all an effort to not only keep people safe, but keep their minds at ease.

"It's just crazy what's going on these days. I mean, it's sad, and there's something that's got to be done," traveler Joe Rauner told ABC Action News.

Many airline travelers were on edge Wednesday morning in light of Tuesday's attacks in Brussels.

"I'm a nervous flyer on a good day, so this didn't make me feel a lot better," said Barbara Metro.

At Tampa International Airport, more officers are posted and more eyes watching. Security is at the top of mind. Announcements also playing throughout the airport alerting passengers that if they see anything suspicious to report it right away. This includes any bags or items left unattended.

"I understand there are measures that are going to have to be taken to kind of give yourself a better chance to prevent something like that. So if it means a little bit longer of a line that I have to go through, I'm all good with that," said Rauner.

Passengers say they're being more watchful in those common areas of the airport, like fight check-in and the lounging areas. They say they're relieved to know extra security efforts are being taken.

"It's good. It makes us feel more safe, and I'm sure when we get to Portland it's not as bad as this one because it's a smaller airport, but it's getting more security too," passenger Therese Boissonneault told ABC Action News.

Travelers are also being advised to arrive at the airport early to ensure that they make it through security and to their flight on time.