Puppy stolen from Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Shelter now upping security after theft, threats
Posted at 3:54 PM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 17:48:51-04

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is taking action to further secure their shelter by installing surveillance cameras throughout the property.

CEO Sherry Silk hates to have to use non-profit money for the cost of the cameras, but says it will secure the lives of the Humane Society employees as well as the shelter animals.

This comes after a series of recent security threats.

A few weeks ago, someone stole a mixed Chihuahua named Palmer from the back patio while the location was closed.

A resident from one of the houses behind the shelter noticed a young woman jumping two fences to get to the backyard where some of the dogs are kept, said Vet Technician, Lori Piper.

According to Piper, the man said he saw the woman holding a duffel bag in one hand, and a puppy in the other.

The employees had to go from cage to cage to find out exactly who was stolen.

The woman has not been identified and workers do not have more information that will lead them to the suspect.

Piper says the cameras will prevent incidents like these to go unpunished.

“It makes us feel like the animals are better protected, that we’re better protected and we are able to be clearer about what happens,” Piper said.

In an unrelated incident, someone threatened the shelter employees after their mixed Pit Bull was sterilized and put up for adoption.

“We’re going to put security cameras all over to try to deter this from happening,” Silk said. “We don’t want animals to end up in the wrong hands obviously, or anything to happen to any of our staff.”