Polk Commissioners threaten to go to court with a Lakeland recycling plant

BS Farm & Ranch promises reform, wants a hearing
Posted at 5:51 PM, Apr 05, 2017

Polk County leaders are now looking to shut down a recycling plant that's been causing a stink in Lakeland.

County officials sent the BS Farm and Ranch a "cease and desist" order in late March, telling the owners to stop accepting new materials.

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Instead, the owners Brandy and Brian Stanton say they are appealing the order, and have scheduled a hearing later in April.

Brandy Stanton told the County Commissioners is a letter on Tuesday that they are taking steps to mitigate the odor, and requested an opportunity to explain their plans.

Hundreds of Lakeland-area residents have complained to the county in a petition, saying a foul smell only recently starting emanating from the landfill site.

County Commissioners, like Melony Bell, say they want the county to file an injunction, calling for an emergency court hearing to get the plant shut down until they can prove the plant won't disrupt the peace of their neighbors.

The Stanton's say they plan to continue to operate and promise to work as much as possible to be good neighbors with local residents. They shared THIS LETTER with the County Commissioners during the meeting Tuesday.

A hearing is scheduled for April 20.