Pasco Schools recruiting 300 new teachers

Posted at 4:10 PM, Feb 18, 2016
Pasco County Schools are launching a massive teacher recruitment effort starting Friday, where they are hoping to hire about 300 teachers for next school year.
Pasco Schools Human Resources Department says you do not need to have a degree in education to apply. There is an existing professional development program where new teachers can become licensed as they work in a real classroom.
"Our biggest goal is to find qualified teachers to bring into the classroom," said Lori Perreault, Pasco Schools Human Resources manager.
The district is especially looking for candidates with math and science backgrounds.
"People who have a passion for something make great teachers," Perreault said. "So that's why we're really interested in bringing those folks in."
They are also looking for school nurses, speech pathologists and other non-instructional positions.
"Integrity is going to be one of the foremost qualities that we are looking for," Perreault said.
The Professional Development Program that helps train people without education degrees to become teachers costs $1,000. However, candidates do not have to pay the money up front. Instead, they can have that money deducted from a series of paychecks and pay it over time.
Pasco schools says those hired in these next few weeks, should be on the payroll and working in schools by this fall. And while it's a difficult job, those who do it say it's worth it.
"Every single night and every single weekend, there's work to be done," Sellers said.