Owner's dash cam captures auto worker joy riding

Posted at 1:47 PM, May 24, 2016

A driver's dash cam captured a local auto shop worker going on what appears to be a joy ride. Then, later footage shows the worker seemingly trying to delete the evidence.

The St. Petersburg woman who captured the video tells us she got the dash camera for her brand new $30,000 SUV to essentially serve as a nanny cam for the vehicle since she worked so hard to make the big purchase. 

Thanks to that $25 GS 8000 dash cam, she may have busted a local auto body repair shop worker joy riding in her SUV.

"This is my baby, so, it's my nanny cam, like you would for your child," said Michelle Knight.

Knight tells us she noticed paint chipping on her back bumper, so the dealership had to contract out the work to a repair shop in Tampa.

The video shows a worker from R&S Auto Body Shop taking the car from the dealership, to the shop, but on the way, it appears the worker takes a detour to a bank to make a withdrawal.

"My heart sunk," said Knight.

She claims the video is evidence that the worker not only took the vehicle on unnecessary trips but was reckless while doing so. She said the man bottomed out, red-lined the engine and exceeded posted speed limits while behind the wheel of her SUV. 

The repair shop off Armenia Avenue in Tampa tells us they are reprimanding the driver, who is also the owner's son. 

Sam Rodriquez has been in business since 1995, and said he tried to offer restitution, "she had a real negative attitude and I tried to talk to her, tried make some restitution, she wouldn't allow us to do anything."

"I told him, go ahead, give me a number, his next sentence was, why do you have a dash cam in the first place. I said this conversation is over," said Knight.

You can watch the video of the worker allegedly trying to delete the dash cam's evidence in the YouTube video below: