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Out of control car barrels through crosses at Sarasota church

Pastor concerned for safety of parishioners
Posted at 10:17 PM, Dec 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-20 23:37:36-05

SARASOTA, Fla. — Pastor Steve Stogner of Touchpoint Community Church prays for a lot of things.  A new addition to his list is for cars to stop driving into the church’s pond and ditch.

“We have lots of wrecks especially during Friday night Saturday night,” Stogner said.  “My biggest concern is safety. We had a church member a couple years ago get hit by a lady on a Sunday morning; hit her car while leaving church.”

The curve leading towards the church at 7601 Clark Road is clearly marked with flashing lights and warnings for drivers to slow down to 25 mph. But Stogner says many drivers don’t heed the warning.

Earlier this month three large wooden crosses were taken out by a hit-and-run driver. Sarasota deputies are still searching for the driver.

"I’d like to see either a traffic light they’ve been talking about or putting a round about here at Proctor and Clark,” Stogner said.  

The state is installing a new guardrail along that stretch of Clark Road. Stogner said it will help keep people out of his pond. But he doesn’t think that will solve the problem.