New subdued patrol car aimed at catching distracted, aggressive drivers in the act

New patrol car aims at catching specific drivers
Posted at 6:16 PM, May 31, 2017

Florida state troopers have a new tool they think will help stop aggressive and distracted drivers.

They so far have five subdued patrol cars around the state, including one in Tampa.

The cars don’t have the light bar on the roof or colors you’d see on a typical patrol car.

Instead, they’re all black, still marked, but in a more discreet writing.

“Driving a black and tan patrol car everybody knows that color scheme,” said  Trooper Nicolas Dolan,” everybody knows it's a highway patrol trooper.”

Dolan says the car isn’t meant to trick drivers, instead to catch aggressive and distracted drivers in the act, before they notice him and hit the brakes.

Hillsborough County ranks second in the state for the most accidents in 2016 caused by distracted driving.

Orange Co. leads with 6,094 crashes last year, compared to the 4,861 in Hillsborough.

Trooper Dolan says he’ll be stopped where a typical cruiser would stop on the highway, but this time, a little more discreet to someone not paying close attention.