New documents released in Janessa Shannon case reveal messages linking father to murder

Nahshon Shannon pleads not guilty to charges
Posted at 7:26 AM, Oct 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-26 07:46:32-04

A father is accused of murdering his 13-year-old daughter and burying her body in the woods. He has entered a not guilty plea. 

Nahshon Shannon is accused of beating his daughter, 13-year-old Janessa Shannon, to death and dumping her body in the Triple Creek Nature Preserve in Hillsborough County.


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In this affidavit and search warrant, Nahshon claimed he messaged with Janessa while she was missing.

A deputy said, "Nahshon Shannon made a comment to him regarding being in contact with Janessa Shannon via Facebook. Nahshon Shannon did not specify a time during which the Facebook contact occurred. The messages sent by Nahshon Shannon and exchanged with Janessa Shannon, could provide information regarding her location and additional Facebook accounts being used by Janessa Shannon during the time she was missing...A search of the records revealed Nahshon Shannon did not receive any such messages from Janessa Shannon as he stated to the Manatee County Deputy."

There was also communication between Nahshon Shannon and his girlfriend, Beena Nair.

"A text message was located, originating from Nahshon Shannon's cellular device and received by Beena Nair's cellular device on July 1, 201 7, at 6:30 PM, in which Nahshon Shannon instructs Beena Nair to leave his residence so he can "deal" with Janessa Shannon on the night Janessa Shannon is last seen."

We also learn what happened on the night Janessa went missing, according to her father. "Nahshon Shannon attempted to give Janessa Shannon three spankings on her buttocks with a belt. He claimed, Janessa Shannon took the first spanking and began to resist by moving "and all that kind of stuff." Nahshon Shannon claims she "tried to get up" by the "third spanking she's like trying to like grab the belt and all this kind of stuff", and he told her to "get down". He claims he ceased the spankings and sent Janessa Shannon to her room. He relayed Beena Nair was not present at his residence during this time. He claimed after he sent Janessa Shannon to her room, which was at approximately l0:00 PM, he watched Dragon Ball Z and took a muscle relaxer which put him to sleep until the next morning. Nahshon Shannon does not check on Janessa Shannon until 5:00 pm on July 2, 2017 which is 19 hours after he sends her to her room."

There is also a screw found at the burial site that matches Nahshon's shovel.

"...the screw located at Janessa Shannon's gravesite is consistent with the two screws located within the handle of the shovel located within Nahshon Shannon's garage. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement states the three screws are consistent due to their similar length, thread angle, head width, and head stamp. The same shovel has a mixture of soil consistent with a combination of soil from Nahshon Shannon's residence and the victim's gravesite."

The document also gives us details about Janessa's autopsy.

"During the autopsy the toxicology report shows the enzyme, cocaethalene which is a
combination of cocaine and alcohol present in the victim near the time of her death. Dr. Pearson believes the consumption of the cocaine and alcohol had to be within six hours of death."

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