Mulberry man dies after rescue from burning mobile home

Neighbor tries to help put fire out
Posted at 7:14 AM, Mar 05, 2017

A Polk County man died, after being rescued from a burning mobile home in Mulberry early Sunday morning.

Boarded up windows and a pile of melted metal from an AC unit are reminder of a fast and deadly fire at Spring Hill Estates mobile home park.

"It's devastating.  He was such a great guy," said Bryon Baine, the victim's brother-in-law.

Eugene "Danny" Youmans was fast asleep when something caught fire inside his house and he didn't wake up.  A neighbor who was just coming home, spotted a bright flash of fire, smelled the burning, and ran to ask friends for help to go check things out.

"You know where people run from fire or run from danger, we were running towards it," said neighbor Breezy Calvillo.

Their first instincts were to pound on the house and try to warn neighbors, then look for water.

Calvillo found a garden hose behind a neighbor's home and dragged it around.  She and her friends then busted out a front window and tried to knock down the flames, while also calling 911.

"When you see someone need help, go, go help them.  Because if my house was on fire, I'd hope and pray someone would do the same for me," said Calvillo.

When firefighters arrived, it didn't take long to get the fire out completely.  But once they went inside, they found Danny Youmans unresponsive.  He was taken to an area hospital, where he later died.

"I feel like I could've done more.  But I have to think positive in that I did something for the neighbors around," Calvillo said.

Even though Calvillo couldn't save Danny's life, his family is still extremely grateful for what she did.

"For somebody to step up that doesn't know him, to try to help, that's God's people right there," said Baine.

Baine and  his wife say Danny will be greatly missed for his big heart.  He's remembered as a friendly neighbor who would always wave, and even give rides to those in need.

Neighbors stopped by the home Sunday night to leave candles, a cross and balloons in memory of Danny Youmans.

Meanwhile, investigators are still trying to figure out how he died, and what started the fire.