Mom recovering after jumping from balcony with kids to escape fire

Family loses nearly everything in fire
Posted at 5:23 PM, Dec 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 17:23:08-05

The family of the mother who jumped from her second story balcony with her sons to escape an apartment fire is recovering a day later. 

Jannatul Juthy was sent to the hospital after the jump, her kids weren't hurt. 

They were escaping a fire that destroyed some 8 units at the Cordova Apartment Homes in Hillsborough Co. on Tuesday evening. 

Investigators say the fire started after someone left french fries frying on the stove

Now Zaved Quorishi and his family are without a home or much else. 

"I lost everything," he said, "and I have to start again." 

He says his wife is recovering from minor injuries. 

Sadia Jeny, Juthy's niece, was with her at the emergency room and says they're thankful she came out with only scratches and bruises and no broken bones. 

"It was very quick thinking on her part that she jumped with her kids," she said. 

Staff at the Red Cross are providing 21 people food, clothing and shelter for the next few days. 

Quorishi and his family are staying with Jeny in the meantime and are greatful for any help. 

"I'm grateful to my God my two kids and my wife are still alive," he said. 

An employee at the Cordova Apartment Homes says they'll be accepting donations for families at the front office.