Trump's Sun Dome rally could impact thousands

Posted at 5:30 PM, Feb 10, 2016
Zaid Dubos was among one of the first to secure a free ticket for Donald Trump’s Friday rally in Tampa. 
"There were 10,000 students who signed up immediately," Dubos said.
The sophomore is not a supporter. He is surprised Trump would choose the USF Sun Dome for his appearance.
"It is a very multicultural university, and all the awful stuff he says about various groups that is why (I don’t support Trump)," Dubos said.
Close to 6,000 of the more than 40,000 students who attend USF are from other countries.
Many, like Dubos, are incensed over Trump's polarizing comments but curiosity trumps contempt.
"If he says anything ridiculous, have that in mind," Dubos said.
Amanda Mole won't step inside the Sun Dome. Instead she is make her point from outside.
"I have nothing against him as a human being. What I have a problem is with is the hate speech, the sexism, the Islamaphobia, and the racism," Mole said.
The graduate student planned a demonstration. She estimates 300 will follow her lead judging by the help she got on making signs.
"We want people to be informed that this is what his policies mean," said Mole.
Security is secretive and tight. Multiple agencies are assisting USF police.
"It is safe to say even if you are not on duty you'll be there," said Lt. Charlotte Domingo with the USF Police Department.
Trump is the first and so far only presidential contender to book the venue in this election cycle.
"It will certainly have a great impact. We are working very hard to communicate that to the community," said Lt. Domingo.
They are urging people to avoid the area if  possible. USF borders some of the county's busiest roadways.
For Mole the more eyes on her message the better.
"The more people we can get to stand together the more we can get the point across," Mole said.
We contacted Trump's campaign to find out why he chose the Sun Dome and how much they paid for the venue. We are waiting for a reply. 
At last check tickets were still available. If you are interested head to