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Advice for the transition to daylight saving time

Posted at 7:05 PM, Mar 07, 2014

Daylight saving time starts Sunday at 2 a.m. While some complain their sleep schedules are thrown off after clocks are pushed forward an hour, a Tampa Bay Sleep Center doctor said there are steps people can take to make the transition smoother.

When people are falling asleep, or trying to stay asleep, Dr. Ashok Modh said it's best to make the bedroom as quiet and as dark as possible. He recommends unplugging electronics, so that they do not make any noise that might disturb sleep. He also warned against changing one's bedtime, in favor of protecting the body's natural rhythms.

"Go to sleep at your regular time. Try not to go to sleep early because you have to wake up early, because then you are going to disturb the rhythm," Dr. Modh said.

Dr. Modh said people should plan ahead. The transition can be made better by waking up at earlier and earlier increments the closer people get to daylight saving time.

Another recommendation Dr. Modh offered: Get out into the sunlight as soon as possible after waking up. He said exposure to higher light levels can help the brain wake up faster.