Manatee Mosquito Control: Thousands of mosquitoes ready to hatch after heavy rains, flooding

Heavy rains and flooding increasing mosquitoes
Posted at 12:24 PM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 18:18:50-04

Manatee Mosquito Control says due to heavy rains and flooding, huge numbers of mosquitos should be hatched and fully grown adults as soon as Monday.

They are now working to prepare for this by launching nighttime aerial spraying rounds and also ground spraying.

However, they are now asking people in the community to check their yards for standing water, most often found in flower pots, doggie pools and water dishes and decorative yard items.

Akilah Peterson couldn't believe all of the hidden standing water she had in the yard of her Palmetto home.

"See how they're just moving around. Disgusting."

She discovered standing water in a flower pot, a bird bath and a vase, all teeming with growing mosquitoes.

"I've got five little kids who live here," she said. "This is what they have to deal with when they come outside? Disgusting."

Manatee County Mosquito Control said by dumping out standing water in your yard, you can make a huge dent in curbing the mosquito population.

The mosquitoes they raised in their backyard are going to be biting them next week," said Mark Latham, director of Manatee County Mosquito Control. "If they go out now, and empty all those containers, then they will minimize the problem they are going to have."

Latham said it's no longer about just the annoyance of getting an itchy mosquito bite; instead it's about public safety.

"That's the last thing we want is to have local transmission of a virus like Zika," he said.

That's hitting home for this Palmetto family, who is now making big changes by emptying standing water from their yard.

"I really despise mosquitoes," said Emilio Penaloza, emptying a bird bath. "I will clean up all the water."

They are hoping this will help keep families in their neighborhood safe from the Zika virus.

Manatee County Mosquito Control is also working to fight the problem from within the neighborhood, partnering with community groups to eradicate trash that can hold standing water.

They expect to increase ground spraying measure next week.

For more information about fighting mosquitoes in your home, contact Manatee Mosquito Control.