Manatee Co. man arrested for pretending to be dentist

Couple paid hundreds to fake dentist
Posted at 5:48 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 21:24:43-05

A Manatee Co. couple says they paid hundreds of dollars for dental work from a man who claimed to be a dentist, but doesn't have a license to practice. 

Manatee Co. Sheriff's deputies arrested 53-year-old Robert Rheinlander for unlicensed practice of dentistry. 

According to the arrest report, James and Rachel Potter reported Rheinlander after he provided them with several dental procedures from his home, offering them at a discount rate. 

Rachel told a detective Rheinlander pulled 11 teeth and made her dentures which ended up breaking. 

She and her husband complained about intense pain after the procedure, but they say Rheinlander told them he couldn't get the medication he needed to help treat her. 

The report also describes another man who had 10 teeth pulled. 

He told investigators he paid $1800 less than what he would have at a dentist office. 

The couple realized he wasn't a dentist when they searched for him online. 

They only found a dentistry in Sarasota allegedly owned by his brother, but he wasn't licensed to treat patients. 

Another dentist was listed as the medical provider. 

Rheinlander's wife told ABC Action News their attorney has advised them not to comment about the allegations, but that the whole story isn't being told. 

She also opened her garage, showing that there was no evidence of any "lab". 

James Potter says they now have an attorney and plan to file a malpractice suit.