Lighting up Seminole Heights streets takes priority in community after three murders

Posted at 6:27 PM, Oct 24, 2017

Tampa City officials and Teco are are working together to make sure there is proper lightning in Seminole Heights in light of recent murders.

The city pays for street lights but Teco officials said they would be happy to add extra lights on your personal property but that will add about $12 to your bill everything month.

In recent days, TECO has dispatched extra crews to the area.

A spokesperson said there are about 10 crews in the neighborhood where there are typically two.

Key focuses include reviewing more than two dozen locations and the new lights installed will have LED technology, that enhances lights at night.

A TECO spokesperson also said the crimes have made residents more aware and they've been getting more calls on lights that are out

There's still about 20 percent in this area that have not been restored since Irma.

But Teco reiterated the recent crimes makes it a top priority to get it fixed.


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Also, thanks to the Mayor’s Bright Lights Safe Nights program more lights are being installed through Tampa to make the area safer.

To learn more about the program follow this link:

To report an outage: